August 19, 2016

Work Doodle Weirdness

The first weird work doodles. Probably going to transfer the Wendigo into here sometime.  The first one is called "13 Bends".  If there is one consistency when it comes to the very few folk lore spook stories from the place of my birth it is that nobody can agree on anything.  I assume that's how it is for all ghost stories that people tell and we only think of them as concrete after they've been published in authoritative places like books.  I mention it because this tale is frequently associated with Coulterville.  A town with one road into it with seven bends in and six out and a cemetery at the end of it.  But in all my reading on the subject I have yet to find a road that even matches that description.  Also reading the comments online shows people contradicting themselves left and right adding ten other locations all sworn to be the TRUE location.  So as far as I'm concerned (and I'm not biased in any way at all) I believe the other likely option, that 13 Bends is Happy Hollow road.  Ironic.

Anyway, I have a vague memory of riding in a car with my mother and her telling me that the road called Happy Hollow (five minutes from my childhood home and near my old high school) was referred to as 13 Bends for having thirteen turns in one direction while only having twelve in the opposite.  The "spook" aspect of the story comes from it's association with an orphanage that burned down (or a boys/girls boarding house or numerous other things depending on who's telling the story) and the children that died there.  Supposedly children hand prints appear on your car after driving through at night and possible ghost children are seen or ghost vehicles chase you. Again, consistency.  Needless to say, we never saw anything.  And don't bother counting the bends in the drawing...there are three.
So for a doodle sketchbook devoted to the weird and creepy I thought it would be fitting to start with something somewhat personal.  I actually intend to include my childhood home in this group at some point based purely on the ghost stories my dad and his dad said they experienced (again I never saw anything despite the creepiest basement on the planet).  I also discovered we have a Dead Man's Hollow not super far from where I used to live and again the stories associated with it are varied and coming up with a doodle for it is proving difficult.  Anyway.  Back to inking the Smacked In the Head comic.  Enjoy.


Andrea Despot Krummel said...

Liar! You experienced something(s) in your home!

Goggled Hero said...

Like? Shadow people? I don't count that. I had a very active imagination.