August 2, 2018

Bingo Playing Elder Gods


Some more art from the Comic Note Book. Childhood Bingo comes from true events. It's very hard to write that small. The Elder God comes from reading too much entertainment news on the internet and just the internet in general. It's interesting trying to work within the confines of the notebook.

01. Open fuse box next to improvised garden hose shower in basement. 
02. Bat flies through open attic window and ends up in brother's room.
03. Snakes seek warmth behind the fridge during winter.
04. Harley engine on kitchen table so long, decorated for Halloween.
05. Cat chases rabbit into the dinning room.
06. Humming bird flies into house.
07. Motorcycle parked in kitchen and hallway leaving tire track on floor.
08. Telephone booth in living room.
09. Brick 1904 farmhouse with no heat or AC.
10. 3 brothers with a hatchet, only the mightiest sapling will stand.
11. Sleeping in the living room around the fire place during winters.