June 20, 2015

Bird Watching...

Yes I saw Jurassic World.  Yes I loved it.  I appreciate when a movie acknowledges that they can still be fun.

Afterwards I started messing around with doodling Raptors in my sketchbook.  The first attempts were in keeping with my recent obsession with trying to get good with colored pencils.  I'm most happy with this attempt.  Enjoy.

Happy Mummy's Day - er - Father's Day

Happy Mummy's Day -er- 
Happy Father's Day everyone!

June 10, 2015


Have you ever drawn something that comes out so much better than you thought that you instantly panic, thinking that you've seen the image before and that you've just inadvertently copied it?  That moment didn't happen until I started coloring this thing with colored pencils.  This is actually the third thing I've done in colored pencil recently and the third ever of any merit.  Two of them I can't show you because they deal with "Smacked In The Head".  The medium shift is a direct result of seeing artwork from the new Mad Max movie and while drawing this thing I was thinking about that movie, Heavy Metal comics and Judge Dredd.  There's no story.  I just like mutants.  Enjoy.