August 15, 2011

Full Vector Test

Well since I didn't get the job I figured I would just post the whole test anyway. The job was with Tinyco. The objective was to create a cafe in a similar style to what was already created and a rabbit based on established characters. I did the best I could having received the email on a Saturday morning and finishing it up Sunday night at Ten PM. Again it was all vector and I did the best I could with reference that I couldn't really zoom in on too close (not vector). The cafe was an attempt to keep the silly, large, easily recognizable products style (the big cup) and combine it with reference of a French cafe I found online. The rabbit... kinda creeps me out. Would have really loved to have gotten the chance to work there but oh well. Vita progreditur. Enjoy.

August 1, 2011

Vector Test

One half of a test I did for a missed job opportunity. It's entirely vector (done in Illustrator) meaning you can blow it up to any size and it won't lose any quality though this actual image is just a Jpeg. It amuses me mostly because I like tiny things. Enjoy.