June 29, 2010

Default to Zombie

So the other day I thought I would take a day away from the comic and just draw whatever came to mind. Four hours later...nothing came to mind. During such instances in the past I would default to drawing a new zombie image but even that wasn't working out. So anyway the next few posts will involve previous Zombie work. Enjoy.

June 25, 2010

Science Fiction Double Feature Picture Show

A couple of months ago I was thinking about doing a series of sketches on the side of my favorite heroes in Sci-Fi. I was also having a kind of crisis of faith over whether or not I could draw anything else besides Krumm and Nox. So at work one day I did a doodle of my childhood hero Luke Skywalker. Later Chronicles of Riddick came on TV and I decided to try that as well. The Riddick one I did in a few minutes so there are some issues that bother me mainly in the goggles area but I think it came out alright. The series pretty much ended with these two because I had to get back to doing the comic. I might still revisit the idea as a break from Krumm. I'd like to do my versions of characters like The Rocketeer, Han Solo, John Carter and maybe Conan to name a few.

June 22, 2010

Digging through Japan

There's a fantasy in my head that involves a massive, ornately decorated building that is the combination of the most amazing/complete library and museum ever. A repository of human knowledge that has books (floor to ceiling) on every subject imaginable and also artifacts on display from all history throughout the place. I don't think I would ever leave.

I bring it up because I was digging through my "journal" from when I went to Japan two years ago with my friend, and I found the section on Kyoto with these three cards. We were at the Kyoto National Museum and you weren't allowed to take pictures so I resorted to sketching in pen what I could in a moleskin notebook I had on me. It took me forever to get through that place. The most frustrating thing though was that the most I could read of the descriptions on the plaques was the name. The history was all written in Japanese. Still amazing though. If you ever have a chance I recommend Kyoto highly. I only spent two days there but I would go back tomorrow. Anyway, I figure these cards are a perfect example of side art I have that no one ever sees, so enjoy.

P.S. We also ended up going to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. I'm not big on the style usually but that place was a 3 floors and a basement library full of comics. AMAZING!