June 30, 2011

Fish Physics and Philosophy

I have a secret wish to draw the comic panel that revolutionizes science and the world. The idea came to me at the airport waiting for my fiancee a few months ago while staring at the fish tanks from the local zoo or museum. Started to wonder if fish see their world as a weightless flying universe and what it would mean for them to see the other side of it. I think humans see their world one way never knowing of the 'dry land' that's just beyond the glass.

June 16, 2011

It's Been Awhile

So it's been a while since I've posted on here. I've just been busy with life. So anyway here are six images of a bunch of things from the end of the school semester, things for the comic and further adventures, and a little randomness. Firstly there's something I call Nerd Girl and Monkey face. The two girls with the "lightsabers" are very loosely based on my fiancee and the girl lounging across the bottom is very much based on her. I'd actually really like to color that one one day. I was going to give those girls faded Star Wars shirts but I figured Lucas gets enough advertising on his own without my help. The monkey face was a product of new blue pencil lead. The nerd girls came about today actually when I was freaking out that my proportions were completely screwed up and that I couldn't draw anymore. Maybe a product of having not done anything in awhile, so I attempted those as a way to reassure myself before I begin character designs for a project soon. The cowboy is something I doodled in a book while in class.