April 30, 2011

"Cadaver Workshop" or "Real Live Dead People!"

I am fortunate to go to a school that was able to set up a workshop using cadavers. I wasn't really sure how I would take the experience. When I was younger I couldn't even walk into a cemetary without freaking out. Actually walking into the room and seeing how many wrapped up bodies and tables there were actually did make me a little dizzy but we only focused on two that they said they had been using for about 10-15 years. They pretty much just dived right into it then. The whole thing was from 9:30-11 which in the end didn't end up being enough time and they said we couldn't stay for the afternoon group. That's why there's really only four rough drawings.

They said we could poke around and move anything we wanted to get a better look at stuff. I touched a tendon in the thigh. It felt rude to poke at someones insides though dead they may be. And freakin I never realized the heart was so HUGE.
Take care of your hearts people. The guy said he gets bored with the normal ways of dissecting sometimes so he does different things. The one had a had a slice out of the top of the head and half of the brain was left in. It was crazy because you could see the inside curve of the eye socket. So it was almost like an old action figure were you could look in the back of his head and see what he was seeing. You can sorta see a thumbnail on its side in the picture with the face. Trippy.

Overall the bodies were kind of mummy like so it wasn't a huge deal. There wasn't any real smell just the formaldehyde which I feel like I can still smell, would hit you in the face when you got close. I took the bus to get there and in the end I decided to walk the ten or so blocks back through the park and stuff while I can.

April 23, 2011


Anatomy class from earlier in the week.

April 22, 2011


Working from a live person now. I'm happy with what I accomplished.

April 20, 2011


April 8, 2011

New Art Post

Work from today's class...

April 7, 2011

Smite Me Shirt

April 1, 2011


Anyone noticing a theme in the classwork this week?