July 11, 2016

Dreaming of VHS

Two pen drawings from work downtime.  Did the bottom one first and added modern movie titles to it for fun.  The second one is a reminiscing of a time when I used to fantasize that somewhere out there is a parallel Earth where Gary Kurtz and George Lucas never had a falling out and they continued making wonderful Star Wars movies throughout the 80s and into the early 90s.  The drawing is supposed to be an artifact from that parallel world showing the three prequels that that duo would have made in a format reflecting the kind of tapes I owned growing up (before eventually buying them legally).
The titles are -
1. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (It's a fine title and the story would introduce the villains and their motivations.)
2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (I swear when the second one was coming out everyone just believed that it would be called this.)
3. Star Wars: Fall of the Jedi (Kind of just made it up.  I guess you could also go with Rise of the Empire but whatever it's my parallel universe.  Call it what you want in yours.)

I'm actually a bit relieved that the prequels turned out how they did.  I was heavy into Star Wars for a long time (still kind of am in different ways) but their failings freed up my mind and started pushing me to create my own universe and stories and I'm kind of grateful for that.  

July 9, 2016

Work Doodles

Two more work doodles.  Fiend Without a Face 
and of course, The Monolith.

July 4, 2016

B-Movie Saturday

Work doodles.  Usually by Monday I'm ready for B-Movie Saturday again.  Top to bottom: Ro-man (Robot Monster), The Venusian (It Conquered the World), Martian (George Pal's War of the Worlds).