October 7, 2017


It's that time of year again!  Actually I had the last one done in September so I'm a bit late on this. But anyway here's what we're watching this year throughout the month. Feel free to use this list since I know what a pain it can be to find stuff that actually lends itself to the Halloween holiday rather than just being a scary movie.  Something we watched the other night that isn't listed here that maybe should be is "Tales of Halloween". It's an anthology of ten shorts that all kind of go together.  Some of the shorts are better than others but over all I enjoyed it. Gore and all.  Most of these are cartoon specials but a few are actual horror movies.

I also kind of over did it with the image this year. I'm doubting whether or not I'll actually do another next year but who knows? I might just be burnt out on this for the moment. I was jazzed up on old Halloween record covers and wanted to do something similar so I just went for it. Anyway enjoy.

(I would suggest opening the image in a new tab so you can zoom in on the list a bit.)

UPDATE: We've since added "The VVITCH", "Planet Terror", "Hellboy Blood and Iron" and "Hellboy Sword of Storms" to the list.

August 4, 2017

Star Wars: The Epic Continues

Sometimes you just need to take a break and draw your favorite hero from a toy line that never existed in 1985.  Instead of doing anything comic related today I took some time to doodle my version of Luke Skywalker from the lost 1986 toy line "The Epic Continues". 

Star Wars toys ended in 1985 and Kenner was desperate to keep the line going with what would have been one of the first Expanded Universe "storylines".  However Lucasfilm (george) was not interested in keeping it going (george was sick of Star Wars and wanted it to end already, that's why Leia is Luke's sister). 

The basic idea is that a new villian ("old" villian) from the Clone Wars, named "Atha Prime", appears after the Empire is defeated along with Grand Moff Tarkin (who somehow survived the first Death Star) and launches a Clone Army against the Rebellion. 

Numerous kit bashed figures and vehicles were planned but as mentioned before, at that point Lucas hated Star Wars.  I've drawn pictures of Luke Skywalker before based on some of my favorite action figures and the notion hit me like lightning today that in a way I could "play" with this lost toy line by drawing it using the old concept art. So it started with Luke in "Jedi Armor" then eventually moved to Han with his "Heroic Attire" (a metal chest plate and big honkin' Medal), to a "Mongo Beefhead Tribesman" (a squidhead figure with his head cut off, turned upwards and with Hammerhead arms). After awhile it started looking like a mini poster.  The mess at the top was an attempt to doodle Atha Prime's head before I started to lose interest.  It's rough and a little sloppy but it was fun.

I adore this lost toyline and every now and then I plot ways to convince Hasbro to go through with it even partially.  As a kid who had to wait ten to fifteen years for new Star Wars toys to appear in the world (first as Bendems) I would have loved it.  

I can sometimes pretend that it exists already as over the years Hasbro & Kenner have released versions of some of the figures. Atha Prime was based on concept art for the Imperial Guards which was used in the Dark Empire comic series for the Imperial Sentinel and released in the Expanded Universe series of figures.  Grand Moff Tarkin was released for the first time in the 90s and because of Lucas' prequels there are plenty of clones to choose from. The more flashy skirted ones I often use to "fake" the line on my shelf.  

Recently I've been considering buying extra Power of the Force 2 figures of Squidhead (Tessek), Mowma Nadon (Hammerhead) and Zuckuss to make a custom Mongo Beefhead Tribesman.  If you want to know more about vehicles and other figures (and an awesome playset) that were planned you can find articles out there. Including where I originally read about it in the 90s in an issue of Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #2. 

July 15, 2017

Saturday B-Movie Nights

I love the Drive-In.  I've only been to one within the last twenty or so years but I've always enjoyed it. We used to go fairly often when I was a kid and I distinctly remember seeing The Fly and Return of the Jedi there at a young age (At two seperate times. That would be a messed up double feature.  Also the later film broke when the Ewoks showed up on screen).

There's something wonderful (magical?) about being outdoors in a car watching a large beam of light project other worlds onto a giant screen as the sun drops below the horizon, bathing the sky in a gradient of oranges and blues that fade up to black starry space.  A solemn radio tower blinking it's red light in repetition on the top of a hill in the distance.  I'm filled with a secret joy thinking about the people and town with it's glowing signs just beyond the screen. Head lights and tail lights tracing the roads. Those people are completely unaware of what they're missing. A two hour section of perfect time that won't ever happen again in the same way.  I guess those moments make me feel connected to everything and sneaking a peak to the sky mid-movie makes me think of our greater universe. Of other places and moments in time, across a billion other galaxies that I, like those towns people, will miss out on and which will never come again.  Who would have imagined the Drive-In as a religious experience?

In an attempt to recreate those kinds of feelings, I've been buying "B-Movies" for a number of years now with a secret desire to one day buy a projector and host B-Movie nights outside for friends and family.  As a side effect of that a number of months ago I started doing weekly ads and write-ups (some more clever than others) for my own made up Drive-In/Video Store which usually get posted to facebook (Video Stores being just as important and equally neglected). The Drive-In is haunted of course by the Phantom Projectionist that chooses our movies and keeps us running on time with other specters haunting the isles of our dvd and vhs collections.  With few exceptions we rarely show anything past the year 1999 on the big screen, when movies were still movies.

Write up example: "THIS SATURDAY at Atomic Age Drive-In and Videos! The world's only Haunted Drive-In and Video Store! Those pesky Martians return to plague the neighborhood in the 1953 classic “Invaders From Mars”! Film starts at 7pm. Also it’s TACODILLA night again. Stop in all night long for our patented Taco Quesadillas.  Atomic Age Drive-In and Videos, the films are five dollars a carload, the hauntings are free!"

I already spent most Saturday nights watching one or two movies a week but making ads for the Drive-In kind of gives me something more to look forward to at the end of the week.  The UFO's in the picture are new and present mostly because of this week's selection.

In related news, we're quickly becoming an entertainment destination as our real live fake Drive-In has recently since expanded to include a Kaiju themed miniature golf course and a famliy arcade. B-Movie themed, naturally.

May 25, 2017

Vacation Doodle

It's nice to be able to draw for the heck of it sometimes...

January 5, 2017

Thank you Mark Hamill

(Click any of the images to view bigger)

In light of recent events involving Carrie Fisher, this is a personal post in the hope that at some point Mark Hamill will be able to read it. So from here on out I'll just be writing as if I were addressing him  personally.  For the rest of you feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Mr. Hamill,

In the past week or so my wife and I have both found ourselves getting choked up over the loss of Carrie Fisher even though we had never known or met her in real life.  She apparently had such a large effect on the world that even though I had only known her through Star Wars and movies like The Burbs and When Harry Met Sally, I suppose even we felt like we had lost something.  A kind of "by proxy"  influence of her personality?  Naturally this type of event starts the mind going and I thought that I should take a moment to write to you.

I just wanted to say thank you.  It seems very unlikely that I will ever have the chance to meet you in person and this is probably just a drop in the ocean of adoration you must receive on a daily basis.  But I wanted to say thank you for the positive effect you've had on my life.  There's something to be said for good role models and you portrayed (and continue to portray) a good natured character of strong moral principles and growing up I really took that to heart.  

It's weird to say that I've known your face for as long as I can remember.  Probably true of a few generations by now.  The Jedi Luke action figure from 1983 was my security blanket when I was young and my parents carried around extras in their pockets in case their screaming child misplaced his.  I drew a quick messy comic at work one day to illustrate that, as seen above along with some other stuff.  More than Luke though in all the interviews I've seen and the celebration talks it's really heartening to see how open you are to the crowds. It's a great feeling when your childhood hero comes across as just as great in real life.  So I'll wrap this up by saying thank you one more time.  My world and those around me are all the better for your influence. 

All the best,

Sean Krummel

September 26, 2016

Official 2016 Krummel Halloween Viewing Guide

I hate how little there is in the way of films that actually focus on the Halloween theme.  Therefore steps were taken to find Halloween Specials like those I grew up.  So I present this year's official Krummel family Halloween Viewing Guide.  Watch in whatever order you want just so long as you watch them all.  With exception to numbers 19, 22, 24 and maybe 23 all are family oriented.  I'm terribly excited.  Happy Halloween!!!!

August 21, 2016


Work weirdness.  Random nonsense thought while walking to the bathroom. 

August 19, 2016

Work Doodle Weirdness

The first weird work doodles. Probably going to transfer the Wendigo into here sometime.  The first one is called "13 Bends".  If there is one consistency when it comes to the very few folk lore spook stories from the place of my birth it is that nobody can agree on anything.  I assume that's how it is for all ghost stories that people tell and we only think of them as concrete after they've been published in authoritative places like books.  I mention it because this tale is frequently associated with Coulterville.  A town with one road into it with seven bends in and six out and a cemetery at the end of it.  But in all my reading on the subject I have yet to find a road that even matches that description.  Also reading the comments online shows people contradicting themselves left and right adding ten other locations all sworn to be the TRUE location.  So as far as I'm concerned (and I'm not biased in any way at all) I believe the other likely option, that 13 Bends is Happy Hollow road.  Ironic.

Anyway, I have a vague memory of riding in a car with my mother and her telling me that the road called Happy Hollow (five minutes from my childhood home and near my old high school) was referred to as 13 Bends for having thirteen turns in one direction while only having twelve in the opposite.  The "spook" aspect of the story comes from it's association with an orphanage that burned down (or a boys/girls boarding house or numerous other things depending on who's telling the story) and the children that died there.  Supposedly children hand prints appear on your car after driving through at night and possible ghost children are seen or ghost vehicles chase you. Again, consistency.  Needless to say, we never saw anything.  And don't bother counting the bends in the drawing...there are three.
So for a doodle sketchbook devoted to the weird and creepy I thought it would be fitting to start with something somewhat personal.  I actually intend to include my childhood home in this group at some point based purely on the ghost stories my dad and his dad said they experienced (again I never saw anything despite the creepiest basement on the planet).  I also discovered we have a Dead Man's Hollow not super far from where I used to live and again the stories associated with it are varied and coming up with a doodle for it is proving difficult.  Anyway.  Back to inking the Smacked In the Head comic.  Enjoy.

August 18, 2016

Where The Weird Lives

This book was a gift from my mother-in-law. It's so freakin' fancy and the paper is crazy, I had no idea what to use it for.  Decided it will now contain the afore mentioned monsters, cryptids and spooky places doodles that pop up when I can't stand to look at the comic anymore.  Just got some new pens as well.  I can finally lay my old Staedler 05 to rest.  A moment of silence please.  

August 15, 2016

The Wendigo

Thinking about starting a new sketch book purely dedicated to doodles of monsters, cryptids and spooky places.  Probably a little influenced by Guillermo del Toro's Lacma exhibit going on now.  Blue pencil, pen and marker.  

August 3, 2016

Update From the Invasion

FINALLY got around to finishing this.  Personal trading cards, an attempt to prove to myself that I could do some artist cards if TOPPS ever asked me to contribute to a future series and a love note to Mars Attacks.  Colored with colored pencil.  Managed to not completely ruin them by adding color. I really dig how vibrant they are.

See the original post/inks/befores, here:


July 11, 2016

Dreaming of VHS

Two pen drawings from work downtime.  Did the bottom one first and added modern movie titles to it for fun.  The second one is a reminiscing of a time when I used to fantasize that somewhere out there is a parallel Earth where Gary Kurtz and George Lucas never had a falling out and they continued making wonderful Star Wars movies throughout the 80s and into the early 90s.  The drawing is supposed to be an artifact from that parallel world showing the three prequels that that duo would have made in a format reflecting the kind of tapes I owned growing up (before eventually buying them legally).
The titles are -
1. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (It's a fine title and the story would introduce the villains and their motivations.)
2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (I swear when the second one was coming out everyone just believed that it would be called this.)
3. Star Wars: Fall of the Jedi (Kind of just made it up.  I guess you could also go with Rise of the Empire but whatever it's my parallel universe.  Call it what you want in yours.)

I'm actually a bit relieved that the prequels turned out how they did.  I was heavy into Star Wars for a long time (still kind of am in different ways) but their failings freed up my mind and started pushing me to create my own universe and stories and I'm kind of grateful for that.  

July 9, 2016

Work Doodles

Two more work doodles.  Fiend Without a Face 
and of course, The Monolith.

July 4, 2016

B-Movie Saturday

Work doodles.  Usually by Monday I'm ready for B-Movie Saturday again.  Top to bottom: Ro-man (Robot Monster), The Venusian (It Conquered the World), Martian (George Pal's War of the Worlds).

March 19, 2016


Messing around with props.