October 7, 2017


It's that time of year again!  Actually I had the last one done in September so I'm a bit late on this. But anyway here's what we're watching this year throughout the month. Feel free to use this list since I know what a pain it can be to find stuff that actually lends itself to the Halloween holiday rather than just being a scary movie.  Something we watched the other night that isn't listed here that maybe should be is "Tales of Halloween". It's an anthology of ten shorts that all kind of go together.  Some of the shorts are better than others but over all I enjoyed it. Gore and all.  Most of these are cartoon specials but a few are actual horror movies.

I also kind of over did it with the image this year. I'm doubting whether or not I'll actually do another next year but who knows? I might just be burnt out on this for the moment. I was jazzed up on old Halloween record covers and wanted to do something similar so I just went for it. Anyway enjoy.

(I would suggest opening the image in a new tab so you can zoom in on the list a bit.)

UPDATE: We've since added "The VVITCH", "Planet Terror", "Hellboy Blood and Iron" and "Hellboy Sword of Storms" to the list.