January 16, 2016


Drawn on breaks at work.  I was looking at the more recent series of cards for Mars Attacks, in particular the artist sketch cards and most of them are really really wonderful.  MY sketch cards are in response to the terrible, nameless, ones whose claim to fame is that they are drawn terrible and to see if I could do better.  Drawing terribly is not a style.  It's lazy and it drives me crazy.

What I learned while doing this exercise into interplanetary world domination:
1. It's nearly impossible to cut a bunch of card stock all to exactly 2.5 x 3.5 inches despite the use of a t-square and matte cutter.   
2. It can be difficult fitting all the detail you want into 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  

The two part card at the bottom was based on the shrink ray card from the set.  I thought it would be cool if they had a "biggifier" ray that made a martian giant.  He was originally going to be fighting a King Kong type monster but I thought it'd be funnier if he's just screaming, marching and blasting the city. The top right is also sorta borrowed from one of the Army of Darkness posters.  I like to think that the Martian women would be just as ugly as the men and you'd be unable to tell the difference. The next step is to color pencil these bad boys and hopefully not destroy them in the process.  I'm not affiliated with Mars Attacks or Topps but after doing these I humbly think I should be, at least in the artist sketch card department.

January 11, 2016

Lost and Found

A true story...